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Softube Studio Collection AU VST RTAS TDM INTEL (MacOSX)

Softube Studio Collection AU VST RTAS TDM INTEL (MacOSX)

Softube Studio Collection AU VST RTAS TDM INTEL (MacOSX)

Softube Studio Collection AU VST RTAS TDM MACOSX INTEL l ATeam | 476 MB

The Softube Studio Collection contains 12 of our award-winning plug-ins-eight emulations of highly-prized studio classics, and four exclusive Softube designs. Now you can equip your studio with virtually the same premier recording, mixing, and mastering tools found in traditional recording studios-and do it for thousands of dollars less.

Acoustic Feedback V.1.0.7
Release your inner beast with the first realistic guitar feedback simulator on the market. Go from moderate and subtle to rampant and wild by the twist of a knob (or two). To break new musical ground, try inputting a synthesizer, a violin, or even your motherG??s grand piano.

Active Equalizer V.1.0.2
Active Equalizer is Passive's counterpart with three fully parametric bands and a tight and focused sound.

Bass Amp Room V.1.0.2
Bass Amp Room was designed to handle all your bass amp needs, from dirty rock to modern clean, keeping two equally important goals in mind. The first was to give the user the best possible sound quality. The latter was to create an intuitive plug-in which allows for a really fast work flow. Time is money, but cutting down on time shouldn't mean you have to accept poor results.

FET Compressor V.1.0.3
Many "modeled" compressors are nothing more than futile attempts to get an off-the-shelf algorithm to match its hardware counterpart by tweaking a few parameters like the knee and attack/release times. But anyone who has worked with hardware compressors knows that there must be more to it. And there is.

Focusing Equalizer V.1.0.2
Focusing Equalizer is an untraditional take on the EQ concept where the low, mid and high bands move automatically and musically in relation to the high and low cut filters. It also features filters from the Passive and Active EQ's as well as an outstanding one-knob Saturation control.

Metal Amp Room V.1.1.5
Metal Amp Room was designed to bring you the most brutal, evil and aggressive sound that is possible to squeeze out of your DAW.

Passive Equalizer V.1.0.2
Passive Equalizer is a three-band EQ with an unprecedented clear and open sound, a warm low end and sparkling top.

Spring Reverb V.1.0.4
Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable Shake control that will shake the virtual strings around for those thunderous spring effects, and a Tension control that tightens or loosens the springs to cover a wide range of spring reverb sounds.

Tonelux Tilt V.1.0.0
Go from shimmering bright to warm and wide with a twist of a knob! The Tonelux Tilt plug-in is a fast and easy way of making a track sit better in a mix or make it sound "warmer" or "cooler". It's also perfect in a live situation where you need to tweak the whole mix to adjust for ear fatigue.

Trident A-Range V.1.0.2
The Trident A-Range is a legendary piece of equipment. As only thirteen A-Range consoles were ever made, it remains a holy grail for sound engineers and producers around the world that hope to create works of art equal to those that were originally recorded on the A-Range G?? David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Queen, Elton John, the list goes on...

Tube Delay V.1.0.5
Tube Delay is a marriage between analog and digital, combining the warmth and natural compression from tubes with the features and versatility of a digital delay. The effect is perfect for fattening vocal tracks, adding slapback echo to drums or getting a gritty delay for guitars!

Tube-Tech CL 1B V.1.0.3
Tube-Tech CL 1B is a true studio classic, heard on tons and tons of records for the past 20 years. Like its hardware counterpart, the Tube-Tech CL 1B native plug-in sounds soft, smooth, groovy and can compress an insane amount of dB's without sounding bad.

Tube-Tech PE 1C V.1.0.1
This is the Pultec style equalizer! The PE 1C design marked the birth of Tube-Tech 25 years ago and was created as an exact replica of the original Pultec. Today, the PE 1C is a vintage classic still in production and can be found in professional recording studios all over the world.

Valley People Dyna-mite V.1.0.3
Faithful replica of the Valley People Dyna-mite, a multi-dynamics tool capable of limiting/ compressing, expanding, gating, keying, ducking, de-essing, etc.

Vintage Amp Room V.1.0.8
Straightforward and simple, Vintage Amp Room emulates three great guitar amps in a complete studio set-up with speaker cabinets and fully flexible microphone positioning. ItG??s easy to use for live performances and recordings, as well as for re-amping and last-minute tweaking.

Softube Studio Collection AU VST RTAS TDM INTEL (MacOSX)

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